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Dental Implants Arvada, CO

We can replace your missing teeth, saving you the snowball effect of future problems, with the surgical placement of a dental implant. Our team at Mountain Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center can improve your oral health, restore your function and enhance your facial appearance. We can place a single tooth implant, implant posts to attach a bridge or denture to, or even replace a mouthful of teeth using dental implants. After reviewing your needs, we can design a treatment plan based on you. Dr. Ryan can show you the difference that an implant can make in both your function and comfort. Schedule a consultation today and we can design a customized treatment option that will take your overall look, your medical health, your dental health, and your function into consideration.

Learn More About Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is actually quite simple: it is a titanium post that we surgically place to serve as a new tooth root after a tooth has been lost. With this post, we can restore your function with a strong, stable, and long lasting restoration.

The surgical placement of dental implants is a simple process if done by a dental professional who knows what they are doing. Also, the long term rate of success is higher than any other dental restoration, though again, knowledge and experience of the dentist are key. Patients find that their implant heals quickly, and with very few complications.

Parts And Placement Of A Dental Implant

As mentioned above, dental implants are comprised of a few different parts. These parts are the post, abutment, and restoration. We say “restoration” because dental implants can support a wide variety of dental restorations, from crowns to bridges and even a full arch of prosthetic teeth. Each of these components is placed at different times and are critical to the success of the implant. Let’s take a look at each component individually.

The Dental Implant Post

The dental implant post is the first part of the implant that we place in your mouth. The implant post is made of titanium because titanium is a biocompatible metal that the human body accepts. The implant post is surgically placed in your jaw after we make an incision in the gum line and prepare the bone with a special dental drill. We are then able to place the post into the prepared site and suture the gums closed around it.

We allow the post some time to heal. Everyone heals at different rates, and according to the state of their oral health so healing time can vary from a few months to between 6 and 9 months. The reason the healing process can take so long is we are waiting for the bone in your jaw to heal around the post. Because the post is made of biocompatible titanium, the bone in your jaw will regrow around the post in a process known as osseointegration. The idea is for the bone in your jaw to form a strong mechanical bond with the post that we place so that you will be able to use your implant in the same way you would a natural tooth.

During the healing process, we will schedule one or two appointments to check on the surgery site and make sure that everything is going well. Once the site is fully healed, it will be time to return to our office for the placement of the next implant component – the abutment.

The Dental Implant Abutment

The implant abutment is made to screw into the top of the implant post. The abutment is meant to provide some surface area onto which we can attach the implant restoration. We will use a different implant-abutment depending on what type of implant restoration is placed.

Once we screw the abutment into the top of the implant post, we will set it in place permanently with some dental adhesive. Once the implant abutment is placed, it will be time to place the implant restoration.

The Dental Implant Restoration

The dental implant restoration is the last part of the dental implant to be placed. It will look just like a natural tooth and will help you to do all the things you would normally do with your natural teeth, like eat and speak. Depending on what kind of restoration you are having done this could replace anywhere from a single tooth to 16 teeth (a full arch).

The implant restoration will be crafted at our dental lab using a digital impression of your mouth so that it will fit your the aesthetic and bite of your mouth seamlessly. The restoration will be placed onto the implant abutment with a permanent dental adhesive. We will position the restoration carefully to fit into your bite just right; then we will set it in place permanently with a special ultraviolet light.

The Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

When you lose a tooth, there are many repercussions that can follow if it is not immediately replaced. Some of the issues that can follow the loss of a tooth are:

•  Further loss of teeth
•  Bone loss which can lead to further tooth loss
•  Problems or pain eating certain foods
•  Inability to speak properly
•  Physical changes to your facial structure
•  Loss of self-esteem

People mistakenly believe that tooth loss is as bad as it can get when the reality is that the loss of a single tooth can easily lead to the loss of more teeth. The worst it can get is losing all of your teeth, which is much more likely to happen if you don’t replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth in both form and function because they are surgically inserted into your jaw. Because they are placed in your jaw, they function in much the same way your natural teeth do; they stimulate the bone and encourage it to replenish itself instead of receding.

Your ability to enjoy a wide variety of foods diminishes with the loss of teeth. Soon, eating something like chips or crackers can become a painful experience instead of an enjoyable one. Dental implants allow you to eat even difficult to bite and chew foods like apples and caramels with no difficulty!

The biggest difference that many people notice following the loss of a tooth is a diminished sense of self-esteem and a reluctance to smile as often. When you can't depend on your smile, you tend to stop smiling so much. It can be embarrassing to having missing teeth in your smile; we understand that. Let us here at Mountain Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center give you back the trust you once had in your smile with dental implants.

The Implant Procedure

Nobel Biocare Implant vs natural tooth root final farbig cmykWe begin with gaining all necessary preparatory information. This may include medications you are taking, your overall health, and a complete review of your oral health. We will want to evaluate digital x-rays and often take 3D radiographs to get the information that we need.

After the patient has been well anesthetized, the actual procedure begins with preparing the bone using a specialized drill. Dr. Ryan then places the implant post. The post resembles what we think of as screw, coming in various widths and lengths based on your need. The post is placed directly into your bone.

Once the site heals, and the bone has fused with the implant, we can then place a dental crown, a bridge, or a denture appliance over the implant. Tooth implants allow us to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Some systems, including the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, allow us to replace an entire arch of teeth.

Dental Implants Are Safe And Long-Lasting

Your dental crown will never get a cavity, and you will never need a root canal. That’s because your new root is a titanium metal post. Titanium is the ideal product to make this simple restoration. It is biocompatible and used by doctors for skeletal repairs all over the human body. You most often hear about it when repairing knees and hips, though it is used for much more.

This metal has the unique ability to remain in our bodies without rejection, in fact, our living tissue and bone will grow around the implant, incorporating it in and making it part of your skeleton, giving it a strong and durable hold.

Dental implants have an impressive track record of success in modern dental history. The success rates of dental implant vary a little bit depending what teeth they are replacing but, in general, dental implants have an overall success rate of about 98%. One of the biggest reasons that implant fail is because of improper care following the surgery. Smoking causes implants to fail with a surprising

Can I get Dental Implants?

To know whether you are a good candidate for dental implants we will evaluate you in a preliminary examination before starting the implant process. During this evaluation, we check on a few different issues from the health of your mouth to the bone levels in your jaw. You need a certain amount of bone remaining in your jaw to structurally support a dental implant, and if such levels do not exist, we will have to perform a bone graft procedure to bring your bone levels up.

Preparing for Dental Implant Placement Surgery

It is important to prepare for the placement procedure appropriately so that things will go smoothly. Depending on what kind of sedation you will have for the procedure you may need to limit your food and beverage intake in the hours before surgery. General anesthesia can result in some post procedure dizziness and nausea, so we like to take every precaution to ensure your comfort. It is also important that you have a friend of family member escort your to our office on the day of your procedure so that they can safely bring you home and ensure your comfort throughout the rest of the day.

We will provide you with specific pre-surgery instructions before your appointment.

Post-Surgical Care Instructions

Following the placement of the implant post(s) into your jaw, it will be critical to the success of the implant that you take good care of yourself and your mouth. Pay close attention to the signals that your body sends you when you come out of sedation. If you feel dizzy or nauseous, just let us know and take it easy for a while. It may take up to a half hour for these symptoms to wear off and we are more than happy to give you all the time you need. There is no rush, and let’s face it, following implant placement surgery you shouldn’t have any pressing matters to attend to!

Before you leave, you will be given some specific care instructions as well as a prescription for pain medication to be taken if you experience severe pain. Many patients find that over-the-counter pain medications like Advil and Tylenol can deal with the discomfort following implant placement. Your friend or family member and one of our staff members will help you to the car, and you will be free to head home and get some rest.

It is very important that you take it easy following dental implant placement surgery. A rise in your blood pressure can adversely affect the surgical site and cause bleeding. You may need to stick to a soft food diet for a while, which will be outlined in the specific care instructions that we give you. Gelatin, applesauce, soup, and pudding are great to keep your energy up and your body well hydrated. Following anesthesia, it is common to be a bit dehydrated, so it is important that you drink plenty of fluids.

Please call us at 720-740-0281 for more details about dental implants.

NOTE: This information does not represent the medical advice of our dental office, always refer to your personalized information given to you by Dr. Ryan or call us at 720-740-0281 for dental advice.


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"Had an overall great experience with Dr. Ryan. The staff was very courteous and professional. Most important, the work they did, (two implants, to hold lower dentures) was very secure and I'm free of the hassle and pain. I was concerned at first but he answered all my questions and the whole procedure went well. I definitely would recomend them if you need that type of work done. 2 thumbs up!"
~ Keith I.
"Best doc we have ever been to. My son felt safe and relaxed with him and his staff."
~ George G.

"The office is well run. Everyone I had contact with was friendly and knowledgeable. Procedures were explained and all questions answered. Oral surgery can be an intimidating proposition, but Dr. Ryan and his staff are sensitive to that by providing excellent pain management and results."
~ Lisa S.

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